Restaurant Bar

About Us

Ripple is a small wave that can create big change. We have been riding that small wave for a long time. What started out as a joke, turned into a successful pizza business, maybe you heard of it, Standard Pizza Co. Those pizza shenanigans went on for 10 years and taught us a lot about food, hospitality and who to do business with. Those 10 years were basically fueled by tacos, and a passion for the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico. Knowing that the countless summer hours spent in the heat, catering your wedding or open house in front of a 900F wood-fired oven, would eventually turn into a fall getaway to Mexico, to recharge and to be inspired. So, when it came time to bring Standard Pizza Co. to an end, there was no real question of what to do next, just how to do it. We have found a great group of people to work with in Lowell, MI to bring our dream in to a reality. It is our goal to craft food that pays homage and respect to the cultures that influence us as well as to make sure our little spot creates a ripple of positive impact. We want to use our space and talents for good, to help others, and to inspire you to help others too. We look forward to serving you fun and flavorful food and drinks as well and having a positive impact on our new community.